We are LungLove Foundation,

       A non profit organization on a mission to end the teenage

vaping epidemic that has so rapidly become quite prevalent

In this generation.

       We are raising money to implement a program in all public schools for students to watch a mandated by law presentation about the dangers of vaping, smoking , and addiction starting in 5th grade. We are currently working with the city of Miami Beach to implement this program. Learn more by clicking here "PROJECT BLUE"

      We are also using our social media platforms to encourage the youth to put down their e-cigs, and fight for the demonetization of all ads in which are clearly marketing towards the youth when it comes to promoting their e-cig devices.


Quitting is one of the most difficult things to do alone, Lung Love is meant to bring together a new community to collectively rise up and take back our  lives through the support of each-other.

 - Chance Ammirata

Picture taken day before Chance had his chest tube removed.

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